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5.13 Moonlight Becomes You

When Trance becomes attracted to a mysterious young man from her past, the reunion causes her to begin regaining her memories.

5.12 Pride Before The Fall

A deadly enemy from the past returns with plans to create an elite warrior race.

5.11 Through A Glass, Darkly

An old friend who Harper thought was dead returns to help the crew in a battle for Seefra-5.

5.10 The Test

The crew is tormented by a mysterious stranger who accuses them of murder.

5.09 What Will Be Was Not

Trance’s misadventure into Seefra-1’s tunnel system exposes the guardian of an ancient Vedran secret.

5.08 So Burn The Untamed Lands

Dylan and Rhade fight to free indentured slaves from a cruel labor camp.

5.07 Attempting Screed

Dylan begins to learn the extent of his new powers as a Paradine.

5.06 When Goes Around…

Dylan is pursued by a mysterious stranger who holds the link between the past and Seefra’s troubled present.

5.05 The Eschatology of Our Present

Beka is offered a mysterious prize and a vision of her past by Seefra’s elusive Virgil Vox.

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