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4.08 Conduit To Destiny

Fate brings Dylan full circle to fulfill a planet’s destiny three hundred years in the making.

4.07 The World Turns All Around Her

Trance’s true nature is revealed after the crew explores an ancient portal in space.

4.06 Soon The Nearing Vortex

An encounter with ex-crew member Tyr Anasazi brings revelations about the universe.

4.05 Harper/Delete

Harper risks his life trying to disarm a deadly weapon.

4.04 Double Or Nothingness

Dylan must escape two cruel gamblers’ virtual game of death.

4.03 Waking the Tyrant’s Device

The crew must stop the maker of the Magog World Ship from unleashing his android army.

4.02 Pieces of Eight

A contractor for the Commonwealth tries to get rid of Dylan.

4.01 Answers Given To Questions Never Asked

The crew must rescue one of the Triumvirate in order to save the Commonwealth.

3.22 Shadows Cast by a Final Salute

Tyr makes his move. He has convinced the Nietcheans he is the genetic reincarnation of Drago Museveni, the progenitor of his race.

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