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4.18 Trusting The Gordian Maze

The Triumvirate sends a beautiful spy to tempt Dylan and retrieve the Star Map.

4.17 Abridging The Devil’s Divide

An enemy from the crew’s past forces Harper to build a time travel device.

4.16 Lost In A Space That Isn’t There

The Andromeda is put in danger when the Abyss possesses the mind of a crew member.

4.15 Fear Burns Down To Ashes

The Collectors trap Dylan in a life or death test using a former crew member as bait.

4.14 The Others

The crew steps in to mediate an apocalyptic war in order to halt genocide and cure a fatal disease.

4.13 The Warmth Of An Invisible Light

Dylan is transported to an alternate reality where Harper’s evil counterpart has overthrown the Commonwealth.

4.12 The Spider’s Stratagem

The crew intercepts a smuggler’s stash of mysterious bio-armor on its way to a war-torn galaxy.

4.11 The Torment, The Release

Dylan is arrested and tried by the Collectors and Triumvirs for high crimes against the Commonwealth.

4.10 Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter

Dylan hunts down a notorious outlaw who has kidnapped a Commonwealth leader’s daughter.

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