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About Trance

The most mysterious member of Dylan's crew is Trance Gemini, a beautiful young female alien of a completely unknown species. Trance doesn't like to speak about her people or her past, and her crewmates have mostly given up asking.

She manifests a startling ability to predict possible outcomes. Can she see the future, or is she just adept at making lucky guesses? Only Trance knows for sure, and she's not talking. Trance serves as life support officer as well as the crew's botanist, xenobiologist, make-do medic, and when necessary, spy and thief.

Last year she had a little encounter with her "future self" and ended up trading places with her. So she may look a little different than you remembered, but she's still the same Trance - just a little older... with some alternate history in her past... and different skin color...

She wrote a note about it, to try to help explain.

What the heck happened to you?

by Trance Gemini People just keep asking me this, so I finally decided to write it down. That way I can just hand them this note instead of starting from the beginning again. It's like this. Things in the future are bad, really bad, and getting worse. The future I have seen is a place no one wants to live in. Yes, there is one possibility for a perfect future but I haven't see it yet. I can't say anymore about it. The future. If I do it would be dangerous for me and for you. But here I am and I am different. Maybe. Harper's attempt to exterminate the Magog eggs in his stomach created a watershed event in space and time, but it's also caused a serious crisis. A crisis that if we - I - didn't handle correctly could have ended poorly for all of us. Which leads to the "new" me. I mean, I'm still Trance, I just grew up. Yes, I did switch places with myself which allowed me to grow up really fast from your point of view, but I didn't go anywhere.

Taken from andromedatv.com (official site)