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New Updates!

I’ve actually done a new wallpaper! The plan is to finish the 2014 re-watch over the next few months with new wallpapers from season 3 onward. You can check out the latest wallpaper here.

Host Server Maintenance 6/25

This notice is being sent to inform you that as a part of the measures taken to secure servers on our network from the recently exposed IPMI vulnerability, the server hosting your account for tardis1916.com will need to be rebooted. Scheduled time of reboot: Wednesday, June 25th @ 10:00PM Estimated downtime: We understand the importance
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Pardon our dust

A recent update to the website knocked out all the video links in the Re-Watch list posts. I am working to correct the issue and it will take some time so please be patient.

Trance Gemini Reference

Laura Bertram’s Trance Gemini character was referenced in a photo gallery of aliens on the blaster site today. http://www.blastr.com/2013-6-3/treks-orion-slave-girl-28-more-our-favorite-monochromatic-aliens

Through the Slipstream!

Attention fans! www.trance-gemini.com is in a bit of a make over at the moment so some wallpapers may not be available at the moment. I am working hard to get them all back to 100% as soon as possible.

Enigma now part of Trance Gemini Universe!

The offical fanlisting for Trance Gemini, Enigma, has been adopted by Trance Gemini Universe. Stop by and become a fan today!

Site Maintenance

As the wallpapers are being moved to a new gallery, the links to pictures on old posts needs to be updated, so those posts have been temporaly removed until the new gallery is 100% and the links can be updated.

Chat Problems

The host Gixaw has had some difficulties for the last few days, I’ve put the old XAT system (to my dismay) until it is restored.

New Design!

I’ve implemented a new layout design for the site. I hope you enjoy!

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