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5.05 The Eschatology of Our Present

Beka is offered a mysterious prize and a vision of her past by Seefra’s elusive Virgil Vox.

5.04 Decay Of The Angel

Doyle learns her real identity with the help of a mysterious visitor.

5.03 Phear Phactor Phenom

The crew reunites with Harper when they confront a scientist bent on controlling the system.

5.02 The Weight (Part II)

Dylan and Rhade pick up a distress signal from Beka only to find her scheming with a trade mogul who has claimed Andromeda for himself.

5.01 The Weight (Part I)

Upon discovering the truth of planet Seefra-1, Dylan must free its people and reunite his crew.

4.22 The Dissonant Interval, Part 2

The crew makes a last stand against the Magog onslaught.

4.21 The Dissonant Interval, Part I

The crew attempts to rescue a peaceful society from the path of the Magog worldship.

4.20 Time Out Of Mind

The Abyss sends agents to murder the True Collectors and find their hidden library.

4.19 A Symmetry Of Imperfection

Rommie’s emotional decisions sever her connections with the ship’s systems, leaving the Andromeda vulnerable to a Magog attack.

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